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Back to blogging
Image by Dustin Lee

Four years have passed since I wrote my last blog article. I can’t remember its title, and I can’t look it up because the blog no longer exists. That’s the fate of all my former blogs: I deleted them. None of the seven blogs I created since 2003 survived. This time it’s going to be different.

The first thing which is different compared to my former blogs, is the language. I chose to write in English instead of German because a big part of the discussion about topics like digital marketing, web design, inbound marketing, SEO and social media is led in English anyway. So why limit my potential audience to people who understand German?

The second difference is the plan to open this blog for guest articles as soon as I can offer an incentive to guest bloggers—which basically means a substantial regular audience, enough traffic and some search engine visibility. But of course I don’t talk of that type of guest blogging which people do only for SEO reasons. It’s about sharing knowledge and insights.

There is still a lot of work to do

As you can easily see when clicking through the website, this blog is still in a rather raw condition. I already put a lot of work into it. But some of that went into features under the hood. Some ideas required significant refactoring of certain parts of the website’s templates and were worth being implemented in my Website Template Starting Point before I implemented them here. To cut a long story short: You probably will not see most of the hours I fiddled around with the CMS and the templates.

My to-do list for the next months includes:

  • Writing at least one article per week
  • Creating a nice-looking “real” homepage instead of the boring article list
  • Replacing the big article input field in ProcessWire’s backend by a flexible solution of blocks for different types of content (e.g. lazy loading responsive images, responsive YouTube videos with additional SEO relevant metadata, code examples, “Tweet this” boxes, etc.) within an article
  • Creating a way to subscribe to the blog via email (perhaps using the open source marketing automation sytem Mautic, which I plan to test soon)
  • Implementing Webmention to collect comments about the articles in social media channels and to display them on the article page
  • Creating a nice author box under each article
  • Creating author pages

I’m sure there is even a lot more. But these are the most obvious tasks which came to my mind right now.

So stay tuned and keep yourself informed about new articles via your favorite social media channels or the RSS feed.