The top 5 SEO blogs for digital marketers

The top 5 SEO blogs for digital marketers
Image by Vojtech Okenka

Being up to date with the latest trends in various subfields of digital marketing is vital for every digital marketing professional. SEO, in particular, is an ever-changing field of activity in which outdated information can be a genuine risk. To be au courant with what works and what doesn’t in the most efficient way I subscribed to these five SEO blogs. Read on to learn why you should read them, too.

Why only five blogs? Because my time is limited and SEO is not the only digital marketing subfield I need to keep up with. That’s why the big SEO news portals like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal or Search Engine Watch are not included in the following list. With an output of usually four to six articles per day each of them is a great resource for dedicated SEO professionals. But for digital marketers like me, for whom SEO is just one of many subfields of activity, this is too much information.

The following five blogs usually publish between one article per month and four articles per week. This is an amount of reading material a busy digital marketing professional can handle. Most of the articles provide tutorials, research and in-depth knowledge rather than sketchy news stories.

#1: The Moz Blog

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After changing their company’s orientation in fall 2016, re-focussing on SEO as Moz’s core competency, The Moz Blog now centers more around SEO topics than it did in the two years before. It is a must-read resource for in-depth SEO knowledge.

#2: Yoast SEO blog

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Even if you are not a user of the well-known Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress or if you are not a WordPress user at all, the Yoast SEO blog is worth reading. Yoast CEO Joost de Valk and his team share tutorials for SEO beginners as well as advanced SEO and digital marketing know-how for the pros.

#3: Searchmetrics SEO blog

Screenshot of Searchmetrics SEO blog

One of the valuabe aspects of the Searchmetrics SEO blog is the amount of shared data. No surprise, since Searchmetrics is an SEO tool vendor. The team not only shares SEO knowledge but supports the findings with data from the Searchmetrics Suite.

#4: The Ahrefs Blog

Screenshot of The Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs blog is another SEO tool vendor blog. Although the Ahrefs tool is a backlink checker at its core, the company’s blog focuses not only on link building, but also on topics like keyword research, technical SEO, outreach and a bit of content marketing.

#5: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Screenshot of Google Webmaster Central Blog

The subline Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index says it all. The Google Webmaster Central Blog is the port of call for information about what Google thinks SEO professionals should know. Of course you should never use an official Google channel as your only source for SEO knowledge. But I think it is important to at least know what Google wants SEO pros to know. If you believe it or not, is another story.

What are your favorite SEO blogs? How many of them do you read on a regular basis? Please tell me using the social media channels linked below. I’m curious about your recommended reading list.